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Hey Your at Jazzy Fayys Fan Club  Home page.
If you don't know who I am or want to know more about me click on Jazzy Fayy 101.

As you can tell there is a chat, but before you start talking make sure to read the rules.

I wanna say this is going to be kind of like a myspace, but I can't because its going to be
BETTER! Don't beleave me fine I'll give some things that myspace dosn't have. You don't to be 14 or older to have one you only got to be 10! Thats right just 10 years old. You can veiw the people that come on your profile even if you weren't online. You can also veiw people who have been on one of your friends profiles. You can have a crush on someone and they won't know who you are unless you want to tell them. There are way more things but I don't think my fingers can type for that long. But some things that we are going to have like myspace are we are going to have friend lists and you can choose your top friends.

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Comment posted by:03/10/2009 at 9:55pm (UTC)

Nice profile

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